Haydn Huntley’s MagBalls and MagBallArms for Delta/Kossel 3D Printers

My adapters for the Predator effector, printed on a Photon.
Photo and print courtesy of Tai Hromnak

My Kumu-3D printer.
An unusually rigid printer.

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Description Examples Price US First Class
First Class postage
High-precision MagBalls 12 for $18 $7 $14
CNC’d Delrin rod ends 12 for $15 $7 $14
N52 NdFeB magnets (each one tested) 12 for $24 $7 $24
215mm set of arms Mini-Kossel w/170-190mm bed $85 $7 $24
288mm set of arms: Kossel w/225-240mm bed $85 $7 $24
304mm set of arms: Kossel w/250mm bed $85 $7 $24
360mm set of arms Kossel w/300mm bed
DC42’s Precision Kossel
$90 $7 $24
400mm set of arms TEVO Little Monster w/340mm bed $115 $7 $24
440mm set of arms Anycubic Predator w/370mm bed $115 $7 $24
Custom length set of arms up to 600mm $115 $7-$15 varies
10mm CF tubing instead of 6mm extra $60

Email haydn.huntley@gmail.com for MagBalls, magnets, and extremely carefully assembled, precisely measured carbon fiber arms.
I test and measure each set of arms. The magnets in the joints have a tested holding strength on a MagBall of at least 1.5kg.
The arms in a set match lengths within 50µ, according to my calipers, and typically they match within 30µ.

All sets of arms include MagBalls, N52 magnets and CNC’d Delrin ends.

Lubrication: I recommend using bicycle chain lube. Inexpensive, easy to get, sheds dirt, and stays in place.
My favorite is White Lightning Easy Lube