MagBall & MagBallArm Photo Gallery

David Crocker’s
Large Kossel build

David Crocker’s
Extremely precise and light weight
Smart Effector

My adapters for the Anycubic Predator
Photo and print courtesy Tai Hromnak.

David Parker’s Anycubic Predator

Hector Lafuente’s Anycubic Kossel Plus
@biketrial981 Kossel Plus Maker Cave Edition

Hector Lafuente’s
Smart Effector/Bondtech flying extruder
@biketrial981 Kossel Plus Maker Cave Edition

Jeff Howard’s Kolossel
500mm diameter bed and
approximately 675mm build height.

Jeff Howard’s Kolossel
Closeup showing Smart Effector.
It is so large, it won’t fit
through the door of his office!
It uses ~700mm long, 10mm diameter arms.

AzteQ Industrial enclosed 3D Printer from TRILAB

Closeup of AzteQ’s print head.

Swapping the AzteQ’s print head.

AzteQ printing detail.

Colin Bell’s big printer with a 450mm bed and 350mm max-Z.
He also has one with a 650mm bed and 1150mm max-Z.

Michael Troumelin’s Predator with a flying extruder.