Anycubic Predator Calibration using the Stock Controller

This 4-step solution has been tested by Predator owners using the stock controller, which uses some non-standard G-code commands.

You can download and print the parts I’ve posted on Thingiverse.
If you cannot print them, I am willing to print them for you in black PLA for $5/set.

  1. Look at the labels on the arms.
    Add up the six lengths and divide by 6, to calculate the average length.
    In the following example I will use the value "440.433", but yours will probably be different by a fraction of a millimeter.
  2. Use a free program such as Pronterface or Repetier-Host to connect your computer to your printer via USB.
  3. Send the following three G-code commands to your printer:
    	  M8083 S440.433
    	  M8084 S223.75
  4. Run the auto level routine through the touch screen.


Set the arm length to the right length for the new arms (440.443mm) using "M8083 S440.443"

Set the "Delta Print Radius" to a smaller value (down from the original 227mm to 223.75mm) using "M8084 S223.75"

Save the new values with "M8500"

Detail about the variables here:

Some valuable information on how delta printers work here: